Identity Theft “Humor”

Identity Theft Speaker John Sileo decides to lighten it up, just in case you have been spending a lot of time with the less comical sides of identity theft. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, over the past 3 years, stolen data being used in less than one week jumped from 33% to 71%. Identity thieves count on our lackadaisical attitude toward monitoring our wealth. Remember, actively monitoring your accounts, credit reports, and other identity documents is the best strategy to catch identity theft in its earliest stages, before it becomes a problem. Most cases of identity theft are discovered by the victim, which reinforces the importance of monitoring your various accounts for suspicious behavior. Here are a few of the most common warning signs for the detection of fraud, identity theft or data breach: The Top 15 Ways Victims Detect Identity Theft 1. You receive a data breach notice in the mail from a company you do business with. 2. Your bills or statements are not arriving in your mail (or email) on time. 3. You notice unauthorized charges on your credit card bill or debit card statement. 4. You notice new accounts or erroneous information on your credit report. 5. You are denied credit for a purchase. 6. You receive credit card bills for cards you don’t own. 7. You are contacted by a collection agency about an item you didn’t purchase. Visit to read more. Thanks to everyone at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Ed Helms, Identity

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